Welcome to the Two Worlds Task Force (TWTF). First, a little history; on August 7, 2007 Bridge 9340 in Minneapolis, Minnesota collapsed. In a matter of days, a new bridge was commissioned and 415 days later the I-35W Saint Anthony Falls Bridge opened for business.

The new bridge was rushed into place in a feeble attempt to hide the fact that the Human World and the Fae Realm were once again connected. Using a combination of magic and technology the gateway between the Human World and the Fae Realm is stable and permanent.

Trade between the two worlds is booming and both sides of the connection are making money hand over fist. With this much profit to be found, the gangsters and the evil fae lords immediately began to find ways around the law.

That is why you are here. You have been sent to us because someone thought you could handle being a member of the most elite crime fighting unit in either world. As a member of the TWTF you will track down and stop any unauthorized trade and by any means necessary stop unauthorized travel between worlds.

If you have any sort of prejudices towards humans or fae you might as well leave now. We are successful because we work as a team and every one of you will work in with both fae and humans.

Rule System

I am thinking about hacking Leverage into Modern Fantasy Crime Drama. Fantasy races would be completely up to individual players on how they look and what they can do, but everything would need to balance. This is just spit-balling, I haven’t verified in the rules that this is possible.

Hacking Leverage or How To Turn A Game About Robin Hooding Into A Game About Federal Agents

Roles would not change…much. A Hitter would still be a Hitter, a Grifter would still be a Grifter, a Hacker would still be a Hacker, etc. Instead of being the good guys on the wrong side of the law, the group would be the good guys on the right side of the law.

Twin Worlds Task Force